Why Corrington?

Own a Corrington Premium Preschool & Academy and be part of a fast growing education market.

Passionate Teachers

Our passionate preschool teachers are trained to not only educate, but to also provide undivided personal attention and care to students, particularly those facing challenges in the classroom. On a daily basis, we are committed to build personal relationships with parents through the sharing of ideas and day-to-day school progress of their children in order to support their learning at home.

Kinesthetic & Music Sensory Integration

Children learn best through sound, rhythm, music as well as through musical metaphors.

Children use their bodies to learn. It involves muscle use, movement and sensations. They grow and develop through five Sensory Integration activities.

Public Speaking

Our kids public speaking program prepare kids to experience a breakthrough in building their confidence & courage to speak in front of a group of audience in the public. It helps them to gain more knowledge and also helps their minds to think rapidly in both creative & logical thinking. Kids will be learning:

  • Fundamental of public speaking
  • Mindset & Attitude
  • How to step on stage for the first time
  • Overcoming fear of speaking in front of audience
  • What to speak and how to speak with impact
  • Hand gesture, facial expressions & body language
  • Making connection with the audience
  • Stage control

Social Studies

At Corrington Preschool, we aim to transform your child into a graceful, humble and confident young lady and gentleman. Our Social Studies program focuses on manners, value, honor & respect. It is not only instilling good behavior in the child but also to guide the child with proper & correct behavior when they are dining, playing together, attending an event, using mobile devices & etc. Kids will be learning:

  • Manners, value, honour & respect
  • The right expectation
  • Proper communication skills
  • Informal & formal settings
  • Being a guest / host in an event
  • Applying manners in daily lives